“The reason it hurts so much to separate is because our souls are connected. Maybe they always have been and will be. Maybe we’ve lived a thousand lives before this one and in each of them we’ve found each other. And maybe each time, we’ve been forced apart for the same reasons. That means that this goodbye is both a goodbye for the past ten thousand years and a prelude to what will come.” — Nicholas Sparks

The last session started off with one of Amal’s lessons that is to show gratitude. Night before the session it was planned to show our gratitude to our facilitators by thanking them for one their quality that we loved the most in this journey. The quality that I loved the most was their Joyful attitude, the smile is always there on their faces.

This made them emotional as they were not really expecting this. Then started off the scavenger hunt in which we were supposed to solve the riddles and click pictures with those objects. But unfortunately I had an intrusion of some guests over my place and so I had to miss the activity in between but I got to solve a riddle.

Luckily I came back in time for the final picture and got the chance of being in it. The farewell was very emotional, every one was almost on verge of pouring from the wet eyes.

Four months ago, I had no idea what this program was about, no one from my peers had been in this program. My ultimate goal was to work on my soft skills and my introvertedness. Little did I know that this program would give me the most precious gems in my life, that are my circle mates.
During university the dynamic of friendship changed completely, when I got some setbacks from my very closest friends. So last semester has been very challenging for me. Though I’m very practical in life and avoid tooo much attachment but that shattered the small amount of attachment that I would develop for someone. But when Amal started and I got into the new circle initially I was a bit skeptical cause I got close with my first circle mates but with just the first meeting we developed this bond that got stronger and stronger with each passing day. And I didn’t even realize when this friendship would become so meaningful for me. Being in conversation with them heals the anguish and bruises I got previously.

Though I don’t open up so easily but the meetings post PW discussion made me a blabbermouth. The biggest thing they taught me was to be expressive, as our meetings had revolved around sharing our setbacks and bad experiences. After which I could relate to them and understand them.

Before Amal I had played individually unless team was a compulsion I wouldn’t prefer working in teams but after Amal this perspective has completely changed. Today I can proudly say it is more beneficial to work in a team. Though there will be people who will not do work on time and make you do extra work but this thing became very small in front of the weight of the pros. My favorite being we get to hear perspective from nine different angles. Each individual would come up with a different solution that would make a list of main routes and alternate routes in minutes.

Though I’m very punctual with my work submissions. Once in the group project we submitted the report late by 2 minutes. And the fellow was very apologetic for it but that was when I said It’s okay, cause that’s when I realized it was more important to build the morale of the team rather than being critical and I didn’t realize when the theoretical thing we learned in the teamwork course was practically applied.

We plan to remain connected even after fellowship. Infact, we plan to become business partners if things go well in the pilot project.

Now I really understand the true meaning of being emotionally connected cause it would actually uplift you, your moral, your courage. This was alien to me for two decades ago but since I experienced it for the first time I really think it is very essential for each and every being to talk it out, find people who can hear you out and you can hear them out.

“Your memory is the glue that binds your life together; everything you are today is because of your amazing memory. You are a data collecting being, and your memory is where your life is lived.” — Kevin Horsley

Lastly, how I intend to take the overall fellowship, well this fellowship has taught me a very important tip that my facilitator shared in the very beginning of fellowship when everyone couldn’t understand how to manage PW and work together. He shared it’s important to take a ME time out of the busy routines. Hence, I have developed a routine of taking the time for Amal work from my daily routine so now will definitely be utilizing this time for myself (and binge watch all the Netflix shows I had been longing to watch for last three months), complete my online courses by defeating my procrastinating monster, work on my SMART goals and start going easy with myself.

OMG I didn’t realize how much I have written this time. This has to be my longest ever blog. But would wrap it up with words of appreciation for my facilitators. Thankyou Ma’am Huda and Sir Hamza for being so understanding, so accommodating and above all being positive. From Sir Hamza’s stretching exercises to Mam Huda’s 100 Watt smile, I will never forget each and every memory which i made with all of u from the day one to the last online session ❤

“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.” — Rumi

Amal Fellow, Risk enthusiast, Graduated in Actuarial science and risk manaement